Funny Conversations With Ex's. FUCK IT!

  • My ex posted a Facebook update saying "Superbowl party at my place, text it". I commented underneath it, "Tonight? But doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a SUPERBOWL party?" Or something along those lines. I can't remember now and he blocked me so I can't check. Anyways, shortly after I receive a message and the conversation went as follows:
  • Ex: ummmmm whats with the blonde comments lol
  • Me: Idk I'm bored lol
  • Ex: maybe you should stop being retarded
  • Me: Wow. Okay then. You're an asshole. But then again, I already knew that so.
  • Ex: ya well you made the retarded comments and i was going to invite you.. but nevermind.
  • Me: lol Yeah... about that.
  • Ex: clearly this was a bad idea
  • Me: That has become apparent
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